“Mindful Movement Talking Story” Immersion in Hawai’i

“Mindful Movement Talking Story – The Power of Presence, Its Expression, and Life Application” is facilitated by Gary Glickman PhD, Fred Sugerman, Stephan David Hewitt & Colleen Sugerman.

This Immersion is six days and seven nights of moving in paradise, in safe, expressive and sensuous ways. Each day includes morning movement, afternoon play, and evening Council.

In this immersion we explore:

  • The confluence of movement, words and deep listening
  • Stories that we embody
  • Movement that longs to be expressed
With relaxed body, lifted spirit and gently opened psyche, we will come to Council nightly with invitation to Talk and Move  the stories of our lives:
  • Both the familiar stories we have always held to be true, and;
  • New stories possible to birth in this Time of Change, Transformation and Paradigm Shift.

Who is invited?  

All who are willing to step into Presence and allow that Presence to be Expressed and Deeply Witnessed.


To integrate movement and mindful touch with talking-story in your personal life-practice or your professional healing practice.

  • To invite Insight.
  • To access Joy.
  • To receive Restoration.
  • To experience Community.

Also: Because the Earth and All Relations need you, right now, to feel yourself Alive and fully awake to Possibility.   We know the old structures are crumbling. We are the mad scientists pioneering their replacements.


Time and Date

Check the Medicine Dance Calendar to view the upcoming Hawaii Immersion dates.

Held annually, this is a one-week long Immersion on the Big Island of Hawai’i which take place at the end of August/beginning of September.


Kalani Honua Retreat Center
RR2, Box 4500
Pahoa, HI 96778

website: http://kalani.com/workshops/2016/mindful-movement-talking-story

Additional Details:

28 CEU’s available for MFT/LCSW

I am so very grateful for the wonderful multi-levelled experiences in Hawaii and for the wise and compassionate guidance I received from you Fred, Colleen, Gary and Stephan. I still feel energized and nourished by all that was given and received. Most of all, I felt very touched by the loving and compassionate resonance that evolved and deepened between us as a community. Thank you for offering the opportunity to do this profound and magical work through dance/movement/meditation/mindfulness and deep process work on the beautiful Island of Hawaii.
Monika J.
I want to tell the four of you how much I appreciate your talents, skills and creativity; your kindness, your presence, your laughter, your ability to listen, your authenticity, your willingness to be transparent with us; the total lack of judgment, your commitment to our growth and your skills in guiding and supporting us; the lack of pressure, the complete acceptance of who we are, the warmth, generosity and affection you showed me and all my fellow participants, not just from the moment I arrived in that very dark and disorienting tent, on that now seemingly distant Sunday night, but throughout the entire rich, intense, life-enhancing and wonderful week we shared together, all 34 of us.

Hawaii had a part in this, but you had the far larger part.

When I was asked on the way to the airport what I might have changed about the retreat, I couldn’t think of a single thing except perhaps the duration. I wanted it to continue indefinitely. It was a transformative experience in both obvious and subtle ways.

Each day we feasted like kings and queens on the most delicious food. We danced and moved like gods and goddesses, blending with the sacredness of the land, each other, and the soft ocean breezes. I laughed a lot, made new friends and learned how beautiful community can be. I cried some, swam with yellow fish, learned to adore the dawn chorus I woke up to every day and moved in languid magical harmony with others and the land. All of which was guided firmly, gently and expertly by our intrepid facilitator Fred Sugerman. I had a truly remarkable experience. I highly recommend this retreat.

Elaine A.