Fred Sugerman
Fred SugermanFounder and Director, Medicine Dance

Fred Sugerman

Fred, a movement artist, educator, facilitator and professional actor, is Founder and Director of Medicine Dance, a collection of mindful movement forums that support the accessing and managing of personal power. His passion lies in the space between the healing arts and the channels of expression welcomed in the performing arts.

Years of traditional theater and dance training, a motorcycle mishap that almost cost him a leg, and an inexplicable confidence in the human species has the capacity to turn thousands of years of destructive behavior into a time when we remember respect for all relations and contribute to a renewal of the natural world, has guided him to this present movement work.

Fred runs ongoing weekly classes, monthly workshops, equinox and solstice events, facilitator trainings, international immersions/retreats, and has a home-based private practice. He works with clients and participants from a range of occupations and life experiences and is known for creating a space of safety and permission. Participants are invited to become quiet and still enough to identify and feel the already-occurring movement in their bodies (for example, life force energy, qi, breath, blood, lymph and spinal fluid), and as ready, allow that internal movement to externalize and emerge as movement in the world.

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Colleen Sugerman
Colleen SugermanPartner and Facilitator, Medicine Dance

Colleen Sugerman

Colleen Sugerman, life and creative partner with Fred in Medicine Dance, is an outdoors woman and movement artist, as well as a teacher of the movement work. Certified in Movement Expression and Dance Alive, she also works with  private clients who are experiencing change and transition (i.e. college students who are entering the work force, older adults who are retiring, etc.) and desiring support in identifying and manifesting their next steps.  She calls herself “Midwife of Change.”

Kaya Allan Sugerman
Kaya Allan SugermanDaughter & Web Designer
Thomas Cox
Thomas CoxPhotographer, Videographer, Musician
Jane Virginia
Jane VirginiaUK Collaborator & Liason
Gary Glickman, MFT
Gary Glickman, MFT'Mindful Movement Talking Story' Co-creator & Collaborator
Stephan David Hewitt
Stephan David Hewitt'Mindful Movement Talking Story' Co-creator & Collaborator
Maureen M. Cox
Maureen M. CoxGraphic Designer & Fabric Artist
Christo Pellani
Christo PellaniMusical Director, Percussionist & Sound Healer