Saturday Mornings in Santa Monica

Shoes outside Saturday Morning ClassSaturday Morning Class provides a safe and nurturing space for the exploration of present moment thoughts, feelings, and sensations expressed through the body. Inner-directed and self-permission based, we include: warming up, stretching, strengthening and the cultivation of strong heart and lungs – all at each participants’ level of fitness, ability, and willingness to engage.

Saturday Morning Class is spiritual warrior training. We work individually, with partners, in smaller and larger groups, and add the intention of exploring the “space between”: the place where something beyond our Selves can occur, and related to the ideal that there is power, or magic, “when two or more gather.”

Three-fold intention:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Creative Expression
  • Life Application
Saturday Morning Class goes beyond the principles of authentic movement. Or rather, it takes those principles to heart with a rare sincerity and conviction. It’s not often that things come together as beautifully as they do in this class, where the sense of invitation, daring and gentleness are so real, making the process of moving consciously, honestly and joyfully a rich experience of discovery and release. There’s no pretense there, and no pressure, just a non manipulative invitation to be yourself, in movement, from moment to moment to moment, with a wise, heart-centered, intuitively observant guide helping you drop more and more deeply into your body, breath, feelings, dance.
Henry S.


Time and Date

Every Saturday
9:30 AM – 11:30 AM


$20 per class (drop-in) or $60 for 4 classes


***Currently on Zoom***
Contact us for link

Previously at and hoping to resume in
The Church in Ocean Park
235 Hill Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405, United States

South (1 block) of Ocean Park Blvd and 2 blocks East (up the hill) from Main St.