“See Hear Love: As a Tree” Facilitation Training

Fred Sugerman facilitating‘See Hear Love: As a Tree’ Facilitation Training is for long term Movement Practitioners with passionate desire to share physical experience that may induce – Love, Exquisite Awareness, a sense of Good, Right Livelihood, Healthy Relationship and State of Being in the world by using techniques to join in with already existing Source Energy.

In this workshop, participants have lots of opportunity to work with partners, in small and larger groups, practicing and workshopping ways to present movement possibilities.

Throughout the course of the laboratory, as well as thorough preparatory assignments and follow-up, participants gain insight into the following, and more:

  • The conceptual frameworks of Medicine Dance
  • Our own life experiences, education and training, and how that applies to the teaching of movement and other offerings
  • Relationship between current personal and professional endeavors and desires, and the sharing of this Movement Work
  • The lineage of Medicine Dance and it’s relationship to its teachers
  • The basic tenets of mindfulness, and how, combined with movement, it can awaken, enlighten and empower people
  • The systems of the body and their movement forms as articulated by Mariane Karou in her Dance Alive system
  • Accessing information from inside our own bodies, as well as from observation of students’ bodies in order to know how to proceed
  • The power of the Voice and vocal apparatus
  • Words: vocabulary that moves people
  • Music: selection & purpose
  • Creating talking circles that promote spontaneous, personal, heartfelt sharing
  • Partner and group work: autonomy/communion, and how to set it up
  • Relationship of the dance to the natural world, ceremony and art and life applications

The best student is the best teacher.


Date and Time

19 October – 23 October, 2022
Location TBA

This Laboratory is held twice, in the US and the UK, annually.


Location TBA

Highways Performance Space

@18th St. Arts Center
1651 18th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
1/2 block north of Olympic Blvd.

Website: http://highwaysperformance.org/highways/

Bolton Village Hall
Northumberland, England

Website: http://www.breamishvalley.com/directory/bolton-village-hall/

…I feel a certain kind of freedom and down-to-earthness in myself and my body. I’ve been out of touch with that part of myself for very many years, and I’m so happy to welcome it back in! I feel a most extraordinary gratitude towards both you and Colleen in particular, and towards everyone else in our group as well, for creating such a powerful event. I experience both the way that you create and hold space for each and all of us as a most beautiful act of generosity and loving kindness, and it fills me with joy just to recall it. You are a truly great teacher, Fred, and I hope that I can give something of what I’ve been learning with you to the people who come to classes with me. I’m beginning on Monday to investigate possible venues for my Wednesday evening classes.
Clare G.