Private Work with Fred

There exists unlimited sustainable energy and power below the surface of the mundane and the visible. We can access that power inside of our bodies. There is a portal, an opening, a way in.

By attending to the thoughts, feelings and sensations of the present moment, we begin to access our body’s vast knowledge and wisdom. Our bodies know everything. All we need to do is remember how to listen. Listening effectively requires a sense of safety and is oftentimes magnified with support.

The intent of a session may be to shift the emotional body, or to clarify thoughts, or to unwind the musculature/decompress, or to address a specific emotional, physical, spiritual or mental challenge. You will remember a safe harbor that is always present and accessible, inside your body everywhere you go and as often as you need it.

A single session can bring enough information to last a long time or regular meetings can provide an extraordinary structure that supports self-knowledge, respect and appreciation for the physical body, restoration, confidence and empowerment – revealing effective, creative ways of being and manifesting.

A private session can be profoundly still and silent, or it may include active movement that reflects on the outside what is occurring on the inside.
  • Safety and support
  • Expert witness
  • Trained guidance
  • Experienced, compassionate listening


The cost of a 90-minute session is $150.

Sessions take place in Tarzana, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

Please inquire for more details.

I’ve worked with Fred for over 11 years and my life has changed dramatically in that time. Fred is one of my greatest teachers. The work we have done together has allowed me to create new possibilities and do things I never thought possible – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Fred’s teachings go deep and impact every aspect of my life.

One more thing that makes Fred stand out he is simply a great person. He is someone that you want to be around, just because of who he is – kind, funny, sensitive, of the highest integrity and just a cool guy. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Daniel L.