Non-Performance Workshop

cleandanceHow do we retain the integrity, sense of privacy, authenticity and purity of the dance, and include an audience? What happens when we invite Another (or Others) to witness our dance?

This workshop differentiates itself from other Medicine Dance trainings in that we pay particular attention to the power of the witness. Always, most significantly, the ability we have to witness our selves. From there, to witness other(s).

Deepen your PRACTICE while profoundly affecting others. Allowing our Selves to be seen is an ancient and selfless form of SERVICE.

We work individually, with partners, in smaller and larger groups, exploring the “space between’: where magic beyond our Selves occurs.

The workshop is created to provide a space that feels safe enough and inspiring enough to cultivate articulate, fluid, responsive bodies, that are more and more capable of spontaneous, truthful expression.

fredandcleanAlong with the pure movement, or dance elements mentioned above, we take the time to “share.”  To bring words to the non-verbal experience.  The intention of talking is to integrate the parts of the brain that are activated in the non-verbal portions, with the part of the brain that we bring into the culture at large, that uses cognition, that values description and analysis and thought.

By practicing in this hybrid womb of support, participants are able to find support and refuge, access sustainable, positive, life-affirming energy, and from there – SHARE our Wealth, our Bounty, our Grace.

This monthly workshop (as well as the Performance Workshop) is best supported by weekly participation in the weekly Tarzana or Santa Monica classes, or by a consistent movement practice elsewhere. Movement Arts Laboratories are by invitation and require some previous movement practice in a non-witnessing context.

I cannot underestimate the power of this work in my life, and its effectiveness in allowing me to have a somatic sense of presence and calmness, that I carry into my professional work. It makes a huge difference in ways that are pre-cognitive, allowing greater ease and focus when I am with others. Being able to be fully present in my body for this time creates a cascading and cumulative effect that increases my moment to moment attention, and touches not only my professional work, but also my day to day life, with a sense of being fully alive in rich and rewarding ways.
Stephan D.H.
This workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about how I relate to myself and others and how this impacts my intra- and interpersonal life. It also teaches the cultivation of awareness and profoundly impacts my spiritual practices. It is a safe place for me to develop and deepen my body listening skills, and to experience and express myself fully through movement. It is not a workshop that emphasizes self-improvement but one that honors our own wisdom and beauty as it is expressed through our body, mind, and soul. I highly value the integrity, creativity, wisdom, and support of the movement instructor; he is embodying all of these values on the deepest levels and he is a true inspiration to me to continue this beautiful work.
Monika J.
I find this series of workshops, in fact all the work I have undertaken with Fred Sugerman, to be a critical success component in the growth and understanding of myself AND providing me tools with which to tackle life and all it’s experiences. I am a better person as a result of this movement work.
Carina C.


Time and Date

This workshop is a 6-month long commitment and by invitation. Please contact us if you are interesting in learning more. See the Medicine Dance Calendar to review the current or upcoming Non-Performance Workshop.

Participants meet once a month for six months, on Saturday afternoons for five hours per session. On the second half of our sixth and final meeting, we invite select people to witness our movement (non-performance).


Highways Performance Space
@18th St. Arts Center
1651 18th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
1/2 block north of Olympic Blvd.