United Kingdom Medicine Dance Immersion


Photo by Britain on View, www.visitnorthumberland.com

Pack your bags for a major field trip in magical Northumbria, England. Arrive by train, from either London, Newcastle or Edinburgh, in the picturesque coastal village, nestled on the northeast coast of England with hiking, abundant wildlife, sand dunes and a river that runs into the sea. Stay in Alnmouth, or in the old market town of Alnwick. Intrigued? Medicine Dance has been traveling to England for this Immersion once yearly since 2009 – join us on our next journey there.

Move with us in a comfortable rustic Community Hall with wood floors and natural light. Are you interested in traveling to a new higher latitude which invites you to experience longer dusks and dawns? Come for six days of Feeling and Moving, revealing layers of intuition, opening portals to creativity and remembering deep connection…to Self, to Other(s) and to the Earth.

During this one-week long Immersion in Northumberland, England, UK we work with:

  • Inner-directed self guided fluid movement through the Body supported by Thought and Feeling and Sensation, Word and Witness and Music
  • Silence and Stillness and Sound
  • Spontaneous Ceremony, Ground and extraordinary Breath
  • Mindful touch with more and less contact with partners, always optional based on your level of comfort, sense of safety and desire

The Setting

“The town dates back to approximately AD 600, and over the centuries has thrived as an agricultural centre; as the location of Alnwick Castle and home of what were in medieval times the most powerful northern barons, the Earls of Northumberland; as a staging post on the Great North Road between Edinburgh and London, and latterly as a modern rural centre commuter dormitory town. The fabric of the town centre has changed relatively little and still retains much of its original character…”


Date and Time

Bolton Village Hall, Northumberland, England
29 April – 4 May, 2023
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State Theta Galleries, Scotland
12 May – 14 May, 2023
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State Theta Galleries, Scotland
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4 September, 2022 – 20 January, 2023
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Bolton Village Hall, Northumberland, England
31 May – 5 June, 2022
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Check the Medicine Dance Calendar to view the upcoming UK Immersion. Generally, this Immersion falls in May of each year. We have held 7 annual immersions to date.


Bolton Hall
Alnwick, Northumberland, UK

My heart is leaping Northward in such happy anticipation of the Dance in beautiful Northumberland, land of my ancestors. This 5-day event has become my most important renewal point of the year: a place where my body can deeply relax, be itself, express its beauty and its passion, be in stillness and to top it all, be fully witnessed and admired!
Clare G.
The reverberations within me of our work are immense. I came with no expectations and have left speechless. And all I want to do is dance. Thank you dear friends, thank you for more then words can express…it has been an absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet you both
Leeza J.
It was extraordinary, an overused adjective I know, but the three days for me were extraordinary.

So much I could report, describe, define but the words would only point to what I experienced. At times hard, easy, ecstatic, boring and…….

Thank you for your honesty, skill, compassion and humour.

And of course the beautiful energy, commitment and plain gotta dance of all the other bodies, minds & spirits in the room.

Gordon S.
Each experience I have undergone through this magic of your Dance has brought a deeper connection and awareness of the I-Thou relationship which is, I feel, the only authentic means of real communication between Beings. Words cannot possibly enhance or describe an experience that has to be undertaken by individuals which, ultimately, ends with the collective “Ahhhh!” I wish I could dance with [Fred] and Colleen every week. So, until next [year]…Thank you, so very much.
Margaret D.